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Africa Advance LogisticsAAL– is a small team of seasoned logistic coordinators that have been conducting business in four continents –mainly in Africa and currently in South America– during the past twenty two years. Operating in challenging environments has been the day to day constant, as well as the short notice response.
AAL provides timely turn key solutions to companies interested in establishing a business/operation in Africa or South America or companies importing to or exporting from Africa or South America; regardless the country, the size of the project or the business field.
If we have to summarize what we do in a few lines, AAL would act as Project Director or we would take care of all the logistic matters (goods, equipment, personnel, legal, security, etc) in the way your company would find, on requested date, all the pieces in place and could start doing business without delay. The underlying idea is that you can concentrate in your business, while we do the rest.
Other characteristic you would find working with us is our policy of reasonable rates. At AAL we consider that our work should represent an additional income for your company, not an extra cost. Our well established relationship, in most African and South American countries, with all the actors participating in shipping, terrestrial logistics, port handling, maritime, fluvial and air transport, gives your company an important advantage on cost and time reductions. AAL is also extensively collaborating with trusted local professionals, in the way we keep expenses tight and quickly integrate your business in the local environment. Finally, we happily transmit all our expertise to your own logistics team or Project Director’s office, so they could smoothly operate after our contract is concluded. Contracting us for your project implementation and all your logistic matters would save you money and time (let alone legal issues and harassment). AAL really pays off.
In other pages you may find a few cases of study that could give you a clear idea about our work.

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